Time to start thinking about Christmas gifts...

The reason I don't like the Christmas holidays is the pressure I feel in pleasing the ones around me. With the boy's bday just before Christmas, it puts added stress on me financially. I did warn him that a party is out of the question this year. Sigh.

Now I just need to find some gift ideas for the teachers...


Reminding myself of the pics I hadn't unloaded...

So on my camera SD card the finder would find almost daily pics of my kids in front of their school, a picture of Miss C with the skeleton makeup, fall raspberries, and plenty of spider pictures.

A scrapbooker without a camera is much at a loss...

I'm struggling to accept that I could have been so stupid as to lose my camera. I am very upset with myself for not unloading the camera card. I had set the camera on the pc desk to empty the card, but never got around to it as I don't like the desktop.

ARGH!!! Anyone who can help me retrieve the small camera I dropped in Orleans I would be ever so greatful. I need to be able to rest my head. I can't stand living with myself. ARGH!!!


Lost digital camera / Caméra digitale perdue (Orleans)

I don't know if this will be helpful, but I lost my camera in Orleans, Ontario on Halloween night. If you found a small Minolta (or is it Konika?) camera on your walk on Saturday oct. 31 or Sunday Nov. 1 on Prestone Rd or Deawy Way, would you be so kind as to email me. I am offering a reward. This camera has no monetary value anymore, it is 3 years old. I just want the pictures back and since it's a special battery the finder needs the charger to use it. If you know who found it. Please have them contact me!!!

Thank you!!!


J'ai perdu ma caméra digitale le soir de l'Halloween. Si vous avez trouvé une petite caméra argent (Minolta ou Konika, pas certaine) dans un étui noir soit sur la rue Prestone ou Deawy à Orléans en banlieu d'Ottawa, j'offre une récompense pour la récupéré. C'est une "vieille" caméra donc peu de valeur, il faut un chargeur pour la batterie spéciale. Si vous connaissez la personne qui l'aurait trouvé, s'il-vous-plait contactez-moi!!! MERCI!!!