Awesome digital stamps!

I really like Dusting Pikes digital stamps. This set is $5 and you get 8 images. Can't beat that! And if you have a laser printer or a photocopy machine, you can use your Copics to color in the images.

Oh my, what a wonderful way to decorate cupcakes!

Using Dustin Pikes digital stamps.

Must try Halloween treat...

Found on Foodzie. Yummy! Pumpkin marshmallow.

You know you don't care for your class...

when one doesn't care to get their homework done. ARgh. I have to finish my homework for tomorrow's class, but I'm soooo unmotivated. My Friday night class is very motivating, thus my homework was done last week-end. sigh


Currently reading...

A book I bought for my 10 year-old. It's really cute. A different twist on the vampire life. I noticed their are fallow-up stories, so I'm sure I'll get more. That book is great for 10 year olds. The kids in the story are 7, 11 and 13 or something like that. Highly recommend for pre-teens.

Can't post pics with no camera :(

Mr Clown Man has been the holder of the small camera since Saturday. That explains why I haven't posted any pictures.



Miss C's wasn't happy when I bought this pattern for $3.49 Instead of the Simplicity one which cost $15.50. I personally think they are pretty darn close. I should be done tomorrow since my model is sleeping.

When did taking a day off from sports become punishment?

My overachieving daughter has a lot on her plate. For an 8-year old, she is very, very active. I wanted her to take a day off. It would have allowed us to relax and do some house cleaning. Well, when I told her she couldn't go to water polo, she pulled on the tears. Well, almost. She hadn't had a snack since school ended, so I offered her some pieces of pear and apple and we took her to the pool. The one condition was that she only stay for one hour. Well, they were the only kids in their group, the other 3 kids were from the experienced group. That's not what one calls a full house!

Can't wait for her dr's visit next week to find out if we are doing right by her.


Week-end posts are a hard thing to do...

Week-ends seem to be going from crazy to crazier. From Friday night class to Saturday activities. Sunday's starts to quiet down, but starting the day at 9am sure is crazy!


Day 25é365 - Bento Lunch

I've been using cookie cutters for sandwiches way before Bento became a trend. Mr. F. used to get his sandwiches cut when he was in daycare, that was 8 years ago! Anyways, this is Miss C's lunch. She got cream cheese and jam, with strawberry slices. It only took me an extra 2 minutes to make a cute lunch. I forgot to ask her what her table mates thought of her lunch.


day 24 - Our squatter

This white and orange cat has been coming over for over a week. At first he was hard to approach and looked like a normal domestic cat with a collar. Now he's very cuddly, no collar and pretty dirty. He sleeps in a box we left on our balcony. He's always there when we come and leave. He's supper sweet, but can't come into our house.

I love digital stamps!!!

And Pink Cat Studio stamps are really cute. I'm so happy they released their new collection in digital stamps.

First off, digital stamps are so much more ecological: no rubber, no foam, no packaging, no mailing, no paper, no baggie... no ink! Second, they take a lot less space.

I can use my Copics when I've printed on a laser printer. I love digital stamps!

Just go take a look : Pink Cat Studio Digital stamp store

Walking part II

Despite the grey sky and the wet pavement, I decided that I would walk today. But the puddles reminded me that my summer Malindi Crocs weren’t very appropriate. So instead, I went with the Alice Crocs. Without shoes. I walk 3k to get to work. So shoes that haven’t been worn in a while, with no socks to top it off, not a good idea. My feet are killing me. I’ve got blisters galore.

And my daughter was complaining because I gave her socks to wear in her rain boots. I envy her for having socks.


Today's whine is brought to you by the Letter W

W, as in why in the world is that wacked up woman walking to work.

Well, this vent doesn't include today. 'Cause today, the weather people called for rain all day. But no, it didn't rain when I was supposed to be walking. No, it rained before I got to the kids's school and it rained after I got to work. It didn't rain while I rode the subway with other sweaty people heading to work.

NO, this vent is about all the other days. The mornings when I have to watch my step for fear of tripping over the cracks in the sidewalk. Oh wait, it did happen. I fell flat on my face like an idiot. I'm talking about the mornings when you need to cross the street while no cars are coming, but wait, as you set foot on the asphalt a bike cuts you off going the wrong way on a red light. I'm talking about the construction crews wrecking the streets only to fix them and tear them back down again only six weeks later. That means you have to dodge, run and jump to avoid the truck that's going to hit you because the driver is busy talking on the phone. What about the crew lifting a staircase through a window. They haven't blocked off the sidewalk and this thing might fall just as you walk under. Oh, don't forget the window guys who changed the broken window in our office. They were breaking glass with not a care in the world as to who might be walking past on the sidewalk below. No, again, talking on the phone is more important then the safety of the innocent.

So again, I ask myself why I walk to work every morning?

Well, because walking at night by the canal is not much better. You got the scary teens walking in groups with their spray cans. Yes, I'm a chicken shit. You got the bladers, the bikers, they don't care about a poor person walking or running, they'll just run you over. What about the dog owner letting his dog loose? Will that dog be the one to bite your ass? or will you be the one walking in its crap 'cause its owner was too lazy to pick up the shit. Oh wait, at least he's not lazy enough to stay home with his dog.

I don't know why the heck I walk, maybe it's just to be able to plug in my iPod and get away from the crazyness of everyday life. I walk because even though I'm inhaling more pollution in that half hour then I would in a week on the subway, I get to see things I wouldn't otherwise see. I get to have some kind of exercise, not worth much, but it's better then nothing.

Today's daily picture is brought to you by the colour pink

The shoe on the right was washed with a brush for a good 30 minutes. The one on the left wasn't yet washed. Why i feel like a dumbass for buying pink velvety Croc shoes!


Catching up... I think I need to give up on week-end posts...

Monday Sept. 21, 2009
Are we the worst parents or what? A birthday cake 4 days late. Plus, she's the only one who didn't like the cake!!!

Saturday sept. 20, 2009
Miss C wanted to wear her princess dress so it was out of her closet. But Mr Cat thought he would look cute in it. I was the only one up to see him, so had to catch a picture.

double Friday...
We got these 2 giant pumpkins for $5/each. They are huge and I can't wait to cut into them!

Day 19, Sept 18 2009. This is the La Presse clock. I pass by every time I take the subway. It is where my father worked until he retired in June.


Food allergies and accomodation...

Reading on someone else's blog about food allergies and lunches made me wanna post about us parents of kids who are lucky enough to not suffer from any known allergies. I say 'no known allergies' because allergies can spring up anytime.

Anyways. Today was my daughter's birthday. I love to bake cupcakes, can't really tell from my blog 'cause I just forget to take pictures of my cupcakes. So a birthday in my mind = cupcakes.

The little girl in my daughter's class always attends any party she is invited. That way, she is never excluded. I have known her since K, the girls are now in the 3rd grade.

Well, I am an accommodating and very understanding mom. I bought a vegan cupcake book recipe a few years back just because she was coming to Miss C's bday party that year.

Well, that first time, I realized that the challenge was bigger then I expected. I had used margarine... it had lactoserum... not good. This time, I called the mom to make sure all my ingredients were safe.

You know what, my kids seemed to like the vegan cupcakes better then the original, butter laced, full of eggs ones.

The vegan cupcakes were prettier to look at, all round at the top and the strawberry soy and strawberries made them extra yummy.

So you see, even a milk and egg-less cupcake can make someone's day!

Daily photo - 18/365

Here's our sushi platter for a late supper. we bought enough that the kids will be able to have sushi for their lunch. It was their second supper after all...

Happy birthday to my lovely daughter!!!

Here she is before going to school.

On the subway platform, with her Beding-Bedang bag which is filled with cupcakes.

Our daily picture on the school steps.

She is soooo happy to be having sushi for her bday!!!


Sept. 16 - 17/365

We went apple picking today. We went to Jude Pomme. It was our second visit this season. This time, we picked Judeoka yellow apples.

Sept. 15 - day 16/365

Got my new iPod today! this little bugger is cool. The kids love the camera option.


Here's how much I like cereal... more boxes not pictured...

Daily picture 15/365

I love cereal...

I could probably eat cereal morning, lunch and night. Be it sweet or plain. Cereal manufacturers are becoming more creative with their cereal. Sadly, in Canada we suffer from lack of cereal selection. We don't have 200 different boxes lined up in the aisle. I can't even find my favorite granola in every grocery chain and last week they were on sale, but out of stock... I must say Jordan's chocolate chip granola mixed in with Liberte Mocha Mediteranean yogourt is just too yummy! But I'm out of that kind :(

To make up, this morning I opened a box of chocolate Mini Wheats. Yum! I really liked the vanillo one, but now this one is a must.

I guess we really do have to go back to the States for some cereal shopping!


Sunday Sept. 14

My scary girl showing off her tattoo... a dead chick!

Upcycling bday gift and bday card...

Saturday Sept. 12

Rock chick... I made her a quick skirt for Halloween, but I'll need more tule to finish it. She still really wanted to wear it!

Friday Sept. 11 - Cupcake by Miss C...

Now we know what we'll do for her to bring to school!


Picture 11/365... JUMP!

So the kids are loving the morning pictures in the school yard. This morning Miss C wanted me to get a picture of her jumping. Well, it's as easy as she thinks it is. This picture proves it!

Starve a Vampire. Donate Blood.

What a cool idea! Combine the launch of a tv series with a blood drive!!!

Here's the Vampire Diaries web link.

Vampire Diaries on tv tonight!

I am sooooo looking forward to this new series. I hope it's good. I like the Vampire Diaries books better then the Twillight series.

Book 1 and 2


No running today...

I found out that when you start running, you should run 3x a week... oh well. I started running 3 days straight. I must say my thighs are feeling the work.

Last night I went to the Running Room to see if my shoes were good for my feet. Well, I was told my shoes are fine. They are a good beginners shoe. But the salesclerk made me walk barefoot and noticed the problem was with my walking. Now I know I will have to do extra stretches on my left ankle to prevent the pain.

I've also found I need a beginner's training schedule. That's how I found Cool Running. They have pretty good information. I will follow their recommendation on the walk/run.

Finally, to make my Nike/iPod sport kit work, I ordered a new iPod. I got me a new iPod Nano in ORANGE! Can't wait to get it!!!

Day 10 - 09 09 09

In celebration of 09 09 09, I picked the 9th picture on my memory card...

Day 9 (yesterday)

I try to take a picture in front of the school every morning.


No picture to show today...

My pc is acting up. It shut itself down and I'm too tired to go back and wait for it to boot up to be able to download pics from the memory card. Anyways. I was gonna post a picture of my current favorite gum. So in the mean time, here's a pic from online...


Running day 2...

Ouch... my shoulder didn't hurt like yesterday. I used Podrunner Intervals this time around. Of course it's set for a 5K and I do a 3K, but it's still very motivating. I ran longer in the beginning, but had to stop sooner because my tendon on my left ankle was way too painful. Let's see how I feel tomorrow, I have a 3K walk in the morning... Hoping I can get a run in after dropping Miss C at her gym class. I might be able to run home from the market.

Here's tomorrow's run planned...

Punk Princess 8/365

We went apple picking again today, different place, only 2 kinds of apples available and I didn't like neither (Paulared and Lobo). Anyways, here's my pic for today. Miss C is starting to get a style all her own...



I'm lying in bed checking my emails. I've been back from my "run" for 2.5 hours and ouch, my legs are in pain!!!

I did it.... Je l'ai fait... plus photo of the day

Here are my new RUNNING SHOES!!!

So I did it. I bought myself a pair of running shoes. I also bought the Nike+iPod Sport kit
Sadly, my iPods are both too "old". My Nano is a 2nd generation and my iTouch is a 1st generation. So my son will get my Nano and, until he gets an iPhone, Mr Clown Man will get my iTouch.

Ok, back to the running. I am sooooo out of shape. It was PAINFUL. I have asthma and a hole in my heart. Did I mention that I'm also very out of shape? I do walk a lot, but running is a whole different thing. But I did it. I went out, walked to the bike path, put my earphones in (not too loud) and started to run. I ran too fast at first and had to stop. My lungs were burning and my heart hurting. I ran, stopped, ran, stopped... I had pain on my right side, below my lung and in my right shoulder. Then I got pain in my left calf. Ran, stopped, ran stopped. At the end, I had pain in my left ankle, on the outside. I think it was a tendon. I need to learn to stretch properly.

Tomorrow is another day. I'm hoping to be able to run my 3K before winter. I would also like to take my son and/or Mr Clown Man with me sometime, but they need better footwear.

Ouch... Je suis asthmatique, j'ai un souffle au coeur et je ne suis vraiment pas en top shape. Pour commencer j'ai couru trop vite, donc je me suis essoufflée J'ai marché pour calmer mon coeur et laisser mes poumons reprendre leur souffle.

Je me suis remis à courir quelques minutes, lorsque j'ai pris une autre pause respiration, c'est mon épaule droite et sous mon poumon que la douleur est arrivée.

Je me suis remise à courir, pour reprendre une autre pause et avoir mal au mollet gauche. J'ai continué comme ça, courir, pause, courir, pause.

Finalement, la douleur à la fin était dans la cheville gauche, je crois que c'était le tendon.

bref, ce sera un petit bout avant que je réussisse à courir mon 3 km d'un seul trait.

p.s. Je vais devoir m'acheter un nouvel iPod. Je me suis acheter l'ajout de iPod / Nike, mais mon iPod Touch est de la 1ere génération, donc ca ne marche pas. Mon Nana est aussi trop vieux... donc mon fils aura le vieux Nano et mon chum aura mon Touch.

J'ai également besoin d'un moniteur cardiaque.


Mini scrapbook "pages"

I really loved the black and white photomaton. Sadly, it's gone. So this year, we've got colour pics. I put a quarter next to the schedule to show how small the cards are. I double laminate them to be sure they last all year long. The kids love their mini scrapbook page. They help chose the papers and embelishment.

These are the schedule cards I made last year.

Postcards Miss C received daily...

These are the cards I made for Miss C to receive everyday at camp. She had $2 glued on each one. Sadly, since she was the only one out of 150 kids to receive cards, the counselors forgot to give her the cards on a daily basis, thus her messages to me asking for $$$. I made these cards using Zenware Designs found on My Grafico's site. I used the dragon from Dustin Pike, love his cute digital stamps! Sadly, I don't recall where the cat is from. The wildlife scene is from one of my favorite stamp company, The Cat's Pyjamas, I love the cuteness of their stamps!!!


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