Trying out the 365 photos in 365 days... day 1

This is a tough challenge for me because I really don't like to spend time on the computer when at home. I've spent my whole day on the computer.

I would also like to combine this challenge with a "get my butt in shape challenge". Thus, I will keep track of my food intake and exercise on caloriecounter. Wishing myself some luck and mostly, strong willpower.

Lunch for tomorrow will be a ceasar salad.




Sunday August 9

Supper... deconstructed Shepperd's pie...

Meat, corn on the cob and ketchup chips. The best part was the corn.


Cherry 7-Up Cupcakes...

Sorry, no picture :(

Cherry 7-Up Cupcake

½ cup room temp butter
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla

Cream together butter and sugar, add eggs one at a time. Add vanilla

1 cup flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
½ cup Cherry 7-Up
12 marashino cherries cut into tiny pieces
lemon extract to taste

Mix together dry ingredients
Add dry ingredients to butter mixture, alternating with Cherry 7-Up, add cherries.

Bake into paper lined muffin tins for 18-20 mins at 350F.

For the topping, I used the Whimisical Bakehouse buttercream recipe. To a 3 cup recipe, I added over a cup of homemade lemon curd. I made my lemon curd extra sour with double the lemon juice (actually a combination of freshly pressed lemon and lime juices.

i gotta learn to take pics of my cupcakes :(

Saturday August 8

It was a gorgeous and mild day. A perfect day to spend walking. We went to the Gorge de Coaticook. We got stuck in traffic right off the bridge. GRRRR. People just don't know how to merge into traffic and people on the highway won't let people merge onto traffic. It makes the trip that much longer and unpleasant.

I didn't want to be stuck in the car too long with the Monsters. The boy was a pain on the way back. Anyways. La Gorge de Coaticook really is a place to discover. It was worth the almost 4 hours in the car.

I am very, very afraid of heights, but I believe in facing ones fears.

I'm so scared, I'm filming while holding on to the railing. I can't look down, but I will look to the side into the distance. The view is amazing.

Miss C did look straight down. Those kids are not as chicken as their mom.

In the park, their is an old mine that we can visit, but not a great idea when you wear Crocs 'cause it's got water puddles. It is not a very long walk into the mine as it's closed with a cement wall.

Upon leaving the park, we headed to Coaticook ice cream factory. Boy was it a busy place! Their were even people from a wedding party. I had a cherry milkshake which was very much on the liquidy side while Mr Clown had a caramel one, much better. We bought a nice sized bag of cheese curds, yum! I also got a Black Magic slush. Look at the results:...

Saturday August 1

So I spent the night at my dad's house. The Clown Man is working on this beautiful Saturday and the boy, who lost his voice at camp, decided he wanted to go back home, sleep in his own bed instead of staying at grampa's and wasting time seeing his sister's gym antics.

We had to be at the gym camp for 9 am. We got their early which meant I got to go pack her luggage while she was prepping for her show with all the other girls. I should have taken a picture of her bed area. Not much was packed, but so what.

Since I was her only parent present, I had to switch from video camera to photo, thus, not many pics were taken.

Here she is during her "dance".

Here's after her beam exercise.

She is waiting to be strapped to a small trampoline.

Vendredi le 31 juillet / Friday July 31

I took that day off in hope I'd get things done before the kids came back home. I didn't do anything all week, although I had great plans. I'm a lazy ass. The house is still a mess. The only thing I ended up doing on this beautiful day was to get the sheets off every bed, washed and back on. The laundry is mostly all done and put away. The dishes have all been cleaned, only think left is to put them away. Not my job.

Dernier souper au camp... Il fallait bien aller lui dire bonjour avant de quitter avec son frère. /Last supper at camp... I just had to go say hello and grab a few pics before we had to leave with her brother.

En chemin du retour, mais seulement pour le garcon / On the way home, but only for the boy.

N'est-ce pas un paysage splendide? / Isn't it a beautiful landscape?
Je voulais refaire la meme photo avec la demoiselle, mais nous ne sommes pas repassé par là. / I really wanted to take the same shot with the little lady, but we never drove back that way.