Vacation from the kids...

hum... what have I been doing while the kids have been away? RIEN!

Je rentre à la maison et je "vedge". Je m'écrase sur le divan et je lis... What will I do when I finish reading the Sookie Stackhouse books? Je crains le moment ou je vais aller en désintox. I'm hooked on reading. Should I forget my book on my nightstand in the morning is plenty to make me jones all day long.

Sh_t! It's been 5 years.... argh...

It doesn't really show, but this blog as been active/inactive, blogged on, whined on, scraped on... anywho. But basically, I set up this account five years ago this July.

I ABSOLUTELY NEED TO BAKE MY BLOG A CAKE!!! I should celebrate by revamping it too.



Back to life...

After spending 3 evenings packing and finishing up cards for the kides, they are finally at camp!!! Yeah!!! One week kid-free!!!


Happy Thursday!

I had to leave work early today 'cause it was the kids show at circus camp. I didn't upload he pics from today, but given the quality of the ones from the last show, well, you get the idea!

Miss C's the one in purple...

Mr. F is the white blur on green stilts...


Cute stamps overload!!! And STAMP SALE!

I'm in love with The Cat's Pajama's stamps! I just wish their shipping service was faster :( (especially when one pays US$10 for shipping). I ordered the Happy Camper set almost 3 weeks ago, I'm hoping to get them today as I really want to complete the postcards for the kids.

Here's the front of 2 postcards I made for Miss C. I used the Grafico digital stamps designed by Zenware Designs. She's does awesome work! I would love to have here design Mr. Clown Man's website!!! WOW!

Purple Onion Designs is having an awesome 25% off sale until the end of the month! I used Purple Onion Designs (unmounted red stamps) French Vintage Postmark Date stamp set for the postcards. Now I would really want to buy the perpetual stamp set! Wish it was in french though. Oh the possibilities...


New template saga...

Geez... I have soooooooo many links that I don't want to lose. I tried to use a non-Blogger template, but it was gonna make me lose all my links :( No way Jose, gonna have to figure it out on my own. In the mean time I changed the colours and fonts, made it a little more "me" and a little bit more girly ;)

Tuesday night movie...

The Man went to see Bruno, me and the Monsters went to see Ice Age 3. Did I like it? In all honesty, I couldn't have cared less. The Real 3D was nice. It's nice to see depth in the movies, but to $3 more per person... I could go without.

I would have much preferred to see Harry Potter, next time.

Anywho, after the movie, we went to Chapters, got myself the new release in the Ghostgirl series. Wish I'd bought the Generation Dead 2nd release, Kiss of Life, since I had a coupon, but only good with a purchase of $35 or more in books, cr@p, I had $50 of stuff, but $20 of which was MAGAZINES!! ARGH!

Oh well.

Although it was now 8:30, we stopped by the park for the kids to go in the water games. Geez, the sun was setting, the wind was blowing, it was getting cold. AND, my darling Mr. Man didn't have the tiny camera, so no pics of the water fun. I'm a little miffed. Why oh why does he have the responsibility of the camera if he can't hold on to it at all times!!!

Feeling dizzy... been spinning too much...

Yeah I, I got to know your name... and why the heck would you need that information for?
Well and I, could trace your private number baby... oh, that's a good reason, but honestly, my number's not private... as matter of fact, just look up my bf's clown ad in Montreal Families...
All I know is that to me... yes???
You look like you're lots of fun. Oh! I'm not sure I'm all that fun.
Open up your lovin' arms. Hum... what makes you think I have lovin' arms?
I want some... Yes? What do you want?

Well I...I set my sights on you. Are you stalking me???
(and no one else will do) You are starting to scare me!!!
And I, I've got to have my way now, baby Should I be calling the police right about now?
(and no one else will do) BUT WHY ME???
And I, I've got to have my way now, baby Give it up!!!
All I know is that to me Argh...
You look like you're havin' fun No, actually I'm getting creeped out!
Open up your lovin' arms At least your asking for my arms to open and not my legs...
Watch out, here I come Gross!!! That is just too much information for a girl to take in so early in the morning.

*You spin me right round, baby And why are you not being spun left?
right round like a record, baby What the heck is a record? Oh! Yeah, those black things that melt funny in the oven!
Right round round round yeah, Ok, I got it the first time, you spin round and round, seems like bad grammar to me... you should be spinning AROUND
You spin me right round, baby Again!
Right round like a record, baby Does anything actually spin left?
Right round round round Stop it... I'm gonna hurl!

I, I got be your friend now, baby hum... I don't think I wanna be friends with a pirate
And I would like to move in Don't think so!
Just a little bit closer Don't make another step. You are just about to step into my bubble.
(little bit closer) I'm about to scream!

That's what happens when you have a song playing on a loop.

G'day to anyone crazy enough to have wasted time to read this.


New template...

geez... I need to spent more time working on this darned blog...

Oh well. One day at a time. I will be adding pictures to my week-end activities. It's just that once the evening comes, my shoulder gets sore from too much mousing around at work. My hand is also currently killing me.

This is how I feel right now... Slugish


Summer week-ends - 4th week-end

Friday July 17... since it was nice even though the weather folks were wrong again. Geez, every day this week they said it would rain. Well, it's been yucky with clouds, on the cold side as well, but not as much rain as they said. Since the weather was nice, I suggested a trip on St-Laurent blvd. We found a great free spot across from Santropol Cafe. Then headed for St-Laurence for a lunch at Schwartz. The take-out place was closed, but we got to share a table in the resto. Shared a large plate of lean meat, one fry, a coleslaw, 2 pickles and 2 pops. It still cost us $30 with tip and taxes. Afterwards, we went to Libreria Español (3811 St-Laurent) and got me some tomatillos, fresh tortillas, lots of cookies and a can of dulche de leche. I would have liked to go to the Tortilleria Maya (5274 Boul Saint-Laurent), but it wasn't in the same area.

Across the street for the Libreria Espanol was a new cool spot... Yeh is a self serve soft frozen yogort place with toppings to boost!!! It is an awesome spot!!! Cute and yummy.

Went back home, the kids played on the pc - Club Pingouin... argh...

Saturday July 18. No plans, the weather folks are calling for rain... but then I find out about a Fete des Mascottes in Granby... So I woke up Mr. Man and we were on our way. We left a bit late (11h am), but it was fine. We got their just before lunch time, a lot of the Mascottes were going for lunch, but we soon found out it wasn't all of them. Sadly, it cost $10 to use the inflatable games... hum... nope. Their were shows, the one we sat for was 2 clowns. Of course Mr. Man wanted to see it, but to be honest, it was not up to par. So after 15 minutes of time under in the shade under the tent (sitting on the asphalt - the locals brought their own chairs) we left. Miss C rode a miniature horse ($3, but she loved it).

The biggest down point. Their was no map of the site on the flyer or anywhere. Their was a show of the main stage, but you had to be a local to find it (fact confirmed by Mrs. S who also happened to visit the Fete on the previous Wednesday). Another bad point. The Fete runs from Wednesday to Saturday... what about visitors... no Sunday??? oh well... We were there for a whole 2 hours and managed to eat healthy! Vegie burger and vegie dogs.

After leaving the downtown area, we headed our of town. It would have been the PERFECT day to visit the zoo. Something to keep in mind... rainy forecast = empty zoo. But we drove on. I then saw a sign for Parc de la Yamaska. I didn't recall ever having been there, honestly, I did I have been, but some 20 years ago. Sadly the water is contaminated with blue-green algae being present, the beach was closed. Miss C. played in the park for a while and then we headed to the forest. We went 1.6 km in to a sort of look-out-point (link to map). It was a nice walk in the woods, but we didn't see much wildlife. The $7 admission fee for a family was well worth it. The place was empty except for the few cyclists and the campers. Once again, the weather warnings of rain kept people away from outdoor activities. Before leaving, we had an ice cream in the small restaurant and it was sooooooo good. Creamy soft serve ice cream, love it!

After 2 hours in the park, we decided to head home, but no map and avoiding the highway allowed us to get lost... In Valcourt we stopped at a grocery store to get instructions on how to get back to the highway, boy we were off our way... we were more south then I had ever imagined!!! Oh well, we couldn't even find the restaurant we wanted to stop at. Good thing, I wasn't really hungry. We got home past 8:00 pm.

Sundy July 19, I managed to sleep in 8'oclock!!! The plans are to go to St-Gabriel-de-Brandon to see the car expo.

Summer vacation - 3rd week-end.

July 10th... took the kids to the pool

July 11th... I went scrapbooking at the Summer crop at Scrapbook Star. Took advantage of a 30% off sale. Bought a new pad for my Cuttlebug, some cardstock, shared 2 packs of rings for the Bind-it-all, don't remember what else... their were some huge storms. It was beautiful to watch when I got home.

July 12th, they were calling for a rainy day which didn't pan out. We went to park Ile-de-la-Visitation in northern Montreal. It was sort of an exploration thing. We walked for about an hour. We then stopped on Fleury for some shopping Casa Luca where I bought more stuff then I would have liked!!! Miss C will be getting a cute Cat stuffed toy for her camp stay. I got a cat scale for the kitchen. I soooo needed a kitchen scale!!! The sad part, it's red and an absolute no match with my kitchen. Recolor time? The afternoon was spent at home relaxing.

Summer vacation - 2nd week-end...

July 3rd... Mme S's bday, we went to the restaurant in Laval. It was good, but $$$. We went to Mme S's DD's house for dessert. The kids were having so much fun. Mr. Man was a pain the butt when he decided it was time to go... When he got out, he noticed a fire, I called 911 to inform them the park was on fire!!! Lovely. Gotta love bored teens. Come on, find them something to do, somewhere to go.

July 4th... Since I'd forgotten my bag at Mrs S's DD's house, we had to go back to Laval. We met my father and Mrs S for breakfast at a small resto near her house and then we we to the flea market in St-Eustache. Again, boring since cloudy and damp. Mr. Man bought cereal boxes for much cheaper then at the grocer. We drove on small streets, stopped at TRU, the Laval scrapbook store (came out empty handed!!!) Went back home.

July 5th, went to the movies. Me and the kiddies saw Transformers while Mr. Man saw Hangover. We stopped in Pointe Claire village at our favorite little shop (Le Panier). Didn't buy much but got our favorite salsa. The kids always want more and more. The candy selection isn't has good as it was in the past. ...

Summer week-ends so far... Our first week-end.

The only real vacation time was between June 23 in the afternoon to June 28. Me and the kiddies spent that lovely vacation time at grandpa's house. The vacation started a little rocky since the kids hadn't received their report cards before lunch as planned, we had to wait until after lunch and then go home to finish packing for our "mini trip".

Once we got home and finished picking up the last minute stuff (obviously forgetting stuff along the way *need to make a list*) S drove us to S's house.

The traffic was unpleasant. Mr. F got in grandpa's van while Miss C and I got in S's car with the doggy. We stopped at the grocery store in Ste-Julienne and had a yummy ice cream. It was soooo good.

Once at the house, the kids wanted to go for hot dogs. Given that the 24 was St-Jean-Baptiste, the 23rd offered us the annual hot dog supper in the village. The kids had fun, made a friend for the evening. Trad music was playing, it was fun. The 24th, we went to Chertsey to visit the camp the kiddies will be staying at during the last week of July. We stopped at the bakery and got a strawberry and sugar pie. The one within the village was much better then the one from the bakery on the main road.

The camp seems like a really fun place, the kids were happy to see it. We then stopped in Rawdon at the Fete Nationale party. They had inflatable games, make-up and the traditional hot dogs! Miss C got her face painted (little bunny) and Felix played at making cans fall, he even made a friend. The kids had HDs.

Miss Bunny C.

We then stopped at the party in St-Ambroise, inflatable games, HDs, what else... 15 mins was all I could take. Back home we planned a pit fire. Picked wood, set up the fire, lots of fun. Sadly, the kids ruin the fun by not listening and just wanting to poke the fire. The marshmallows kept getting burned and the fire lasted well over 2 hours. BTW, we don't do smores here, don't know why, must be an American thing. I'm sure were are missing out!

Here's my fire pit at the very beginning.

Mr F enjoying the sticky stuff.

Here's Miss C burning yet another marshmallow.

The 25th, my dad had to go to the hospital for a follow-up while Mme S took me to the Small Claims Court. Geez, $99... Geez, 23 month wait... Geez, why doesn't Mr. FC pay up and act like a grown-up??? Went to the mall for lunch - kids ate FREE!!! Love summer deals. We went to the fruit market in Joliette, got too much stuff. their were plenty of thunder showers. It was awesome! So no fire that night.

The 26th, Miss C won over her "I wanna go fishing..." and we did go fishing. Mr F caught fish after fish. Miss C had a tougher time and needed a bit more patience. We then went for a long drive. Gutting the fish was sooooooo gross... argh!!! 7 fish for people... why did Mr F had to catch so many fish!!!

So here are the monsters fishing...

The 27th, we went for a drive. Took the ferry across to Sorel, and passed through Trois-Rivieres.

The 28th... drive back home.


New love... digital stamps!!!

I'm in love with digital stamps. I discovered some super cute digi stamps and just had to share. The images by Zenware Designs are just too darling!!! They are perfect for my circus kids and my gymnast daughter!!!

Can't wait to get coloring at this Saturday's crop at Scrapbook Star!