Mommy, All I want for Christmas is a pony

We were at the store when we saw this My Fur Real Friends pony. I couldn't help but sit Miss C on it...



To put me in the holiday mood I decided to go threw old Santa pictures.


Nothing new under the sun

I haven't had time to post recently. It's super busy, yet nothing exiting happens.




Pour Josée (josiesensie) (4)

M. F deteste vraiment ce faire couper les cheveux...

Pour Josée (josiesensie) (3)

Les pieces de jeux geantes trouvees par hasard lors d'une promenade au centre-ville de Philadelphie... on peut visiter ce site pour d'autres photos et la localisation du site. On peut voir une vue aérienne du site!

Pour Josée (josiesensie) (2)

Chez Coupe Bizarre, photo avant et apres (ou pendant)

Pour Josée (josiesensie)

Salon de coiffure - Magic Kingdom a DisneyWorld


The teacher already called home???

What the heck... Mr. F has already been pretenting to be a clown and he got tattled on... he was putting brown paper in the drain of the sink, sigh. Well, at least he was washing his hands.

On a good note, Miss C is with her big bro in homeroom, but she's with her best friend in her regular classes! How cool!!!


Love... does size really matter?

The first 2 pictures are from Love Park in Phillidelphia

this one is from New York

Bad, bad, bad camera!

So I'm finally getting around to peeking at our vacation pics. Well, the camera did a terrible job. But it's most likely my fault has I played with the settings :( Good thing we had 2 cameras... here are 2 samples

That's it... summer is officially over!

I registered Miss C for her gymnastics class last night. I gave her the choice to continue her pre-comp class which is 3 hours twice a week or go for one class, an hour long. She chose the longer class as long as we pick her up early. You have to admit that 3 hours is pretty long for a one grader!!!

School started this morning. Both kiddies are in the same homeroom class. Lets hope everything will work out for the better.


vacation, vacation, vacation...

MIA due to vacation and going back to work to an overload of business. Nights are not much better with kids finishing up soccer and so on and so forth... back next week. Off to Philadelphia, Sesame Place, Hershey Park... and maybe a stint in NY.


more pool pictures!

cute photo to uplift my mood...

Look at the cute kitty cat in the playhouse!

Mr. F's flower finally blowmed. I've never seen such a slow blooming flower. Look at the spikes on this!

Soooo sore and some more renting.

And this is not from exercising in any way, shape or form. Just get tickets on the floor of a rock concert. I went to see Slayer for the second time in a year. I had floor tix and since my friend Sam was going into the mosh pit, I decided to give it a go, hey, you only get to live once and with my bday around the corner, I'm not getting any younger. Sadly, I'm not getting any taller either. I managed to get myself pushed to the front of the moshpit. Basically, I was strended behind a 6 foot something guy. It was a blast. But I really hate guys trying to protect the little lady in front of them. If I'm in the front, it's because I can take care of myself.

Someone explain to me what the heck those gals are doing on the side of the fence looking soooooo bored with their boyfriends standing behind them to protect them. They shouldn't be standing by the fence if it's to be bored out of their minds. argh. Go stand in the back if you can't take the heat of the trashing. If you're bored the way you look, go see a chick flick.

As for Marilyn Manson, he sucks! His new cd is very so-so in my most honest opinion. In concert, it's only props. Their's a visual break between each song, so it's loooong. The bass player, whoever he is now 'cause I lose track, had his bass tuned sooooo low on one song that it made my eardrums shake badly enough for me to plug my ears. Then at one point they had police sirens going so freakin' load it was just unecessary.

Also, I lost 2 of my skulls on my skull bracelet so that got me a little upset :( and we don't get to keep our ticket stub since we're getting bracelets for floor access.


Soccer camp

Mr. F is registered at Concordia U's soccer camp for the week. Apparently everyone from dad to coach forgot that the kids need to put on some sunblock... look at the results below. As for the level of learning, apparantly they're not doing very much. They don't even stop to take a mid-morning snack...


week-end update!

This week-end we pulled the kids out of daycamp early on Friday, they missed going to the puppet theatre. To make up for it, I took out all the puppets and they put on a puppet show for us. My dad came to pick us up to head over to his house for some camping. When we arrived, we went to pick some berries on the neighbour's field. We found this teeny tiny toad, it's the size of a berry! And the berries were small, you can see another one in Miss C's hand in the next picture.

Here's Mr. F sound asleep in the tent. It was soooo dark I couldn't see what I was shooting. Forgot to take day pics. My mattress (kingsize) was too big for the new tent (which I thought was a steal at $25, no kidding, it's sooo small) so we had to borrow Mrs. SB's mattress which sadly deflated on us by 2am. By then, the rain was pouring hard, and the water was seaping threw, so I woke the kids up and set them up on the porch where we spent the next 2 nights.

Here's Miss C walking Mrs. SB's new puppy dog (well, it's not a puppy, but it's a small dog). It's a real funny doggy! But poor dog is sick and has to take some medicine daily :(

Now here's a real big frog sitting on a rock!


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