Halloween films... Cirque du Freak

I can't wait for this film to come out! The books are pretty good, but I'm not done reading them. For once, it's not a romantic vampire story since the main character, the human, is a young boy. Here's the link for Cirque du Freak font.

Go see the preview.

Halloween website links

Haunt World: Find haunted houses in your area and much more! A must visit site before Halloween.

Haunted Houses is another huge Halloween site which includes, what else, haunted house information. Lots of links. Another awesome site.

Let's not forget about pumpkin carving! This site is full of basic information from choosing your pumpkin to photographing it.

I like to carve my pumpkins using a stencil, my favorite is Zombie Pumpkins. It is not a free stencil site, but for $5 you can choose 25 stencils. For $2 you get 2 stencils. After doing 2 or 3 pumpkins, I've usually had enough because it takes me a whole evening.

Here's a picture from a few years back of 3 pumpkins I did. A scary clown for Mr. Clown Man, Snow White and Malificient for the kiddies.


Homemade Candy Corn

I don't like candy, but nowaday you can find all kinds of candy flavor. Last week-end I bought creme-brulée candy-corn, Smores candy corn and another kind I can't recall. Well, I love Serious Eats and they currently have a homemade candy corn recipe. I could try it with bubble gum or candy floss (cotton candy) flavoring


Cool Halloween drink...

Parents magazine, just like Family Fun magazine, has some fun homemade treat ideas. This Slime punch makes a cool drink. But, in all honesty, I think the coolest thing is the drip of blood, the drink can honestly very much vary.

Cute Halloween craft idea of the day!

For instructions : http://www.pennyblackinc.com/display_card.php?PID=5046&CAT=Challoween


Don't like coffee, but love pumpkin pie flavor?

Well, Starbucks currently offers the pumpkin pie series of drinks. I don't like coffee, but I love pumpkin pie flavoring. Well, how about asking for a white hot chocolate with pumpkin flavoring? Even better, the cream based frappucino, yum!

Kool kit... to make with kids!

Fun pretzels decorating kit to make with kids for their friends or teachers.

Easy kool Halloween drinks

Want black Kool-Aid? Just use a pouch of orange and a pouch of grape Kool-Aid drink mix. Make according to instructions.

Want to have glow-in-the-dark ice cubes? Just freeze some tonic water! (don't forget the black light!)

Don't forget the hand in the punch bowl! Clean a surgical glove, yes, clean it first! Fill it with water (or tonic water to make it glow, under a black light)

Want to make (perfectly edible) glow-in-the-dark jello-o? Replace the water with tonic water (boil the tonic water for hot water and use cold tonic water in place of cold water). Make the Jell-o according to the packaging instructions, you may want to add some sugar since tonic water can be bitter.

You can use your black Kool-Aid to make a black gelly, just use gelatin. Making a solid (twice the normal amount of gelatin) gelatin, you will be able to cut out scary shapes using cookie cutters.


Must see Halloween movies...

I haven't seen any of these movies yet, but I really want to.

Zombieland with Woody Harrelson, he mades a good killer, so killing zombies will be right up his alley.

Cirque du Freak
, The Vampire's Assistant I really want to see, I'm currently reading the first book in the series (Vampire's Assistant is the second one). I can't imagine John C. Reilly in the role of a vampire!

Creative Halloween cupcakes

The Celebration Shoppe has some cute Halloween cupcake suggestions. Creative and easy.


Anotical chocolate hear

Yet another cool chocolate find! Bluelips has cool Halloween finds.


Planning ahead.. Disney World's Not so Scary Halloween...

2010! That's the goal. Now I need to start saving. I think it would be an awesome gift for Miss C's bday.

So the plan is to save for a trip next fall.

So you wanna build a coffin for Halloween...

Wayne of the woods has a coffin plan for you!

You can even make it into a book shelf. If you want more ideas for coffin furniture, Coffin it up has has some cool stuff. Casket Furniture is another place to find a true casket that will be used as a piece of furniture until you need to use the caket as a final resting place.

Cutest ever pumpkin pies!

I think Bakerella is the most creative baker. Last year, she had the cupcake bites, this year it's tiny pumpkin pies!


What about this Etsy piece?

This dress is awesome! I wish I was a better seamstress.

This one is for Mr. Clown Man

You find all kinds of cool stuff on Etsy. This
scary clown painting is just the kind of thing Mr. Clown Man loves.

Check out the seller's gallery, awesome stuff.


Must have camera!!!

Why oh why do camera companies do this to me!!! Here's the new Samsung camera with a screen in the front and the back. I want it!!! (Santa, can you hear me beg?)

Another chocolate skull

This one is from Dylan's Candy Bar. That store was on my must visit list when we went to New York, but we didn't get to go. Next time, no excuse!

If I still had a figure...

That is the costume I would like to wear.

Cool kid witch shoes!

I really like these witchy shoes. I wonder if they are comfortable. $29 is pretty cheap, obviously, they are not leather, but still. I wish my feet were one size smaller.


Kiss concert - Montreal Oct. 1, 09 - Part 2

Mr. Clown Man and Mr. F went to see Kiss. They were in the first row!!!

Kiss concert - Montreal, Oct. 1, 09

Chocolate skull! Oh my!

Wow! At $120 this skull is amazing! From Chocolate Skulls, it's sure to be the it of any party!

... " Doesn't this skull made from a blend of Cuban and Mexican Dark Chocolate look delicious? Oh it is, but trust us, you'll probably want to share it with some friends; This is a 2.5 kilo, life sized, solid cast of an ACTUAL HUMAN SKULL!..."

Baby cousin

Trapeze girl

I have yet to get good pictures at circus school...

Halloween countdown.. more chocolate!

From the Royal Sarcophagus Society, it's made by Creepy Christine. I love the coffin shaped boxes they sell, reminds me of the many hour I spent making coffin boxes for candy for the skool kids a few years back. Had embossed each coffin and never even took a picture of my handy work!

The coolest Halloween Cookies I've ever seen!

From the Rolling Pin Productions, they are $10 each.


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