Ouf, la marche...

Ce n'est pas toujours facile de se motiver... Hier j'ai pris l'autobus, le ciel était gris et les nuages menaçant. Par contre, j'aurais dû marcher.

Donc je me suis repris ce matin et j'ai marché. J'ai même réussi à couper mon temps de marche de 10 minutes, la marche qui m'a pris 50 minutes ce mardi m'a donc pris un gros 40 minutes ce matin. Par contre, mon corps souffrait et mon coeur se débattait, mais j'ai tenu bon et je suis arrivé au bureau en un seul morceau.


C'est le temps de me prendre en main...

bon, ca suffit. Je dois absolument faire plus attention et mieux manger, faire plus de sport... donc, a partir d'aujourd'hui, je recommence a prendre note de ce que je mange et ce que je fais comme sport. Zut, demain on lunch au sushi... Hum... vais-je etre raisonable.

Bon, en tout cas je fais marcher pour le troisieme jour consecutif. Une bonne marche de 45 mins incluant une bonne grosse cote.

Swim class!

Swim classes are finally started! That proves only one thing, summer is truly here, with the unbreathable humid air, nothing feels better then hitting the pool


Bugs and flowers

Yesterday we went to the country so here are some ladybugs pictures as well as a bumblebee.


Some last day of school pictures

Mr. F. giving 2 thumps up to the last day of school.
Miss C before heading into class for her last day of school.

What happens to cupcakes in the trunk?

well, the soccer ball was hungry so it fed on the 4 remaining cupcakes!

School's out for summer...

So my kids love Alice, good thing they don't know the song lyrics yet! Will be posting last day of school pictures once they are uploaded to the pc.

Am bringing cupcakes to school, hope the kids like 'em, I forgot to put the egg whites in. The beated egg whites are basically the secret to the recipe :o

Going to the Cirque du Soleil tonight, well, this afternoon as our tix are for the 4p.m. show.

Bunny is doing better, she's not so nervous / mean anymore. We trimmed her claws yesterday.

Why did we bother installing a pool in the yard? Ever since we set up the pool, it's only been warm twice... argh


what a day...

Today was the last gymnastic's class for the kids, yeah! Now I need to get a gift for Miss C's teacher. I found out it was Miss C's teacher's bday yesterday, sadly, I don't have any time to bake cupcakes :( Had I known yesterday, I would have been able to. Sucks.

I'm also preparing mentaly what I'll get for the teachers gifts.

Here is a pic from a year ago.


One year ago today - in pictures

Charlotte was ending her first semester at gymnastics. She loved it so much, she's now doing 6 hours a week.

Ooops, cheesecake misshap

Gee weez, first attempt at making individual cheesecakes. Well, the recipe came with a warning of a a small indepdation in the middle, well, yep, I've got cratters. Now removing the cheesecakes from the mold was another silly thing. Let's see how good the cheesecakes will be once they've all cooled. 2 of them are lost to a mush, but still adable.



Here's my current fave smoothie recipe. I still don't have a blender, so I have to make it using the small Braun hand-held blender.

1 cup frozen raspberries
1 cup frozen cherrie
2 bananas
1 cup soy milk
1 cup vanilla yogourt
1/3 cup cream cheese
1 tbls maple syrup

YUM!!! Protein, calcium, fruit. Perfect breakfast. I've tried it with bran, but yuck, gotta get my cereal products somewhere else.

Cranking up the ice cream machine

Me and Miss C made some scrumptious chocolate ice cream, sadly, she and her big B don't like it as it's too chocolatey. I will need to go to Little Italy to get me some more vanilla beans.

On another note, still not done organizing my scrap corner. I'm a procastinator.