Feb 28 / Day 59/365

It's been snowing all night. The snow if very sticky so the kids spent an hour outside. The made 2 snowman. It's real nice weather, mild with plenty of fresh snow.


Feb. 27 / Day 58/365

We went to the sugar with my father, his gf and the kids. Here are the kids with their maple sugar taffy.


Feb. 26 / Day 57/365 - Old pictures :(

Mr Clown Man came home alone tonight. We had gone to Ikea and he left me and the kids to go with my dad to the country. He came home and found Nigiri dead :( She was going to 4 this summer. We don't know what she died of. She had the flu. But she wasn't sick anymore. She passed the flu to the other cats. I'm hoping the other cats are safe. Here are pics from when she was a kitten. I posted a pic of her recently.


Feb. 26 / Pic 57/365

Trying to pack for a short trip. Here's what I find in my luggage. Cats really seem to enjoy cuddling in luggage. Or maybe they just don't want their humans to leave...


Feb 24 / Pic 55/365

Rain, snow, melting snow, falling slush... what a day!

Miss C is doing somewhat better. She got up and was on the window sill when we left this morning.

Feb. 23 / NO-pic 54/365

Yep, no picture. The kids didn't go to school. Miss C was sick and Miss is still very sick. Being fed in bed :(


Feb. 22 / Pic 53/365

This one is for my friend Caro. She posted her calendar and now I'm posting ours. Luckily, this week the city is on strike, so no waterpolo on Wednesday. Today Miss C was sick, so the kids missed waterpolo. As for me, it's study week, so no school, meaning I can hit the gym instead of doing homework ;)


Feb. 21 / Pic 52/365

My Missy girl is sick. She caught the flu from the other kitties. She's sneezing and spending her time in bed. She hasn't moved all day. She's old and frail, so I decided she still needed to eat and drink. I brought her lunch in bed.


Feb. 20/ Day 51/365

Went for a nice walk on my own today. It was such a nice day although the new snow made it wort of yucky with all the snow turning to slush. My pants got wet a good 10 inches up. Even my boots were damp.


Feb. 18 and 19 / day 49 and 50/365

No clue why this kitty cat had such a puffy tail, but it cracked me up!

Didn't post the pics yesterday. I came home from an exam and was totally beat. Here are Miss C and Mr. F deep into conversation. They didn't know I was taking pics. they were reminiscing about their week away at summer camp last summer. Both are really looking forward to going back this summer.


Feb. 17 / Day 48/365

I just love that face! He's my big fat ball of cuddle. I love when he comes to snuggle with me at night.


Feb 16 / Day 47/365

Another morning pic, but they are having a spat... sigh.


Feb. 15, 2010 / Day 46/365

I LOOOOOVE huge mugs! I use them as mugs and as bowls for cereal and soups and pasta. We found white huge mugs today. Since I *needed* my own mug/bowl for the office, I had the kids paint one for me.  So they each painted a side.  The boy painted fishing stick people and the girl painted her combo bear.  Can't wait to use it at the office.


Feb. 14 / day 45/365

Here's Mr. Bebitte in his bug t-shirt! He oh-so loved it! (not!!!)
Here's Mr. F's V. Day card
Here's Miss C's V. Day card

Here's Mr. F's V Day breakfast. Miss C didn't want eggs for breakfast


Feb. 13 / Day 44/365

Today's breakfast! Yummy blueberry waffles (I also made choc chics ones), made so many I have some in the freezer.


Feb. 12 / 43/365

Today was a ped day, I took the day off from work. Since it was cold enough to skate outside, but not so cold that we'd have an awful time being outside, we drove to Ottawa and took the kids to the Rideau canal. Miss C loved it most. Mr F is a bit sick and his skates are missing the inner sole so his feet hurt (we didn't know the sole was missing, we got his skates on major discount ($300 Nike skates down to $25 brand new)


Feb. 11 / 42/365

A coworker's beautiful plant which I get to see when I stand up from my desk. It is in full bloom. So gorgeous! I could never care for a plant like that, it looks so fragile!


Feb. 10 / Day 41/365

Miss Funny Face. Our usual morning picture, I just thought this one was too funny with her silly face! I wonder what I'll do with all those daily pics!


Feb. 9, 2010 | Day 40/365

I don't know what's wrong with Miss C's hands, but they are pretty darn red. It started after her gymnastics class last week. Sniff.


Feb. 8, 2010 | Day 39/365

The city decided to install a bicycle bicycle path on the street leading to the kids's school. That street is a one-way uphill street with 2 hospitals on the top of the hill as well as a big university campus. The university and the school are doing construction/maintenance work. The university is doing major work involving truck deliveries daily. Well, this truck got stuck in the bike path median. Installing a bike path on that street, in the fall of all seasons, really, seriously, not the smartest thing the city has ever done, but does the city ever do anything right???


Feb. 7, 2010 / Day 38/365

I was changing the sheets and Nigiri wouldn't get off the pillow. Then after I put the countour sheet on the mattress, I turned around to find Bebitte comfortably lying on the bed. BTW, you can see from the fuzzy end of tail that he truly was happy with his tail shaking. Kitties!


Feb. 6/2010 ~ Day 37/365

Talk about separated at birth! Miss C got her own Ugly Doll, she named him Twinky OX (OX being his official Ugly Doll name)


Feb 5, 2010 | Day 36~365

I just have the loveliest princess in the world. This little kitty cat won't keep his crown on. What a party pooper. At least he made up by warming me up while we watched Public Enemies. the only good point in that movie was watching pretty boy Johnny Depp.


Feb 4, 2010 | Day 35/365

It's not a pic I took because I missed this waterpolo game. Miss C was upset I couldn't be there in person, but I was there in spirit 'cause my class was partly boring.


Feb. 3, 2010 | Day 34/365

I was out of the office today so I took the kids to Tim's this morning. I wanted to take a pic of them with their breakfast, but forgot. So grabbed a quick individual pic before leaving, so here's Mr F.

Feb. 2 | Day 32/365

Didn't get to post last night, I had to finish 2 homework :( So here is last night's pic. Miss C giving the big L to her father.


Feb. 1 | Day 32/365

Another daily picture, I gotta say, it's not easy to take various pictures every day. The only pictures I normally take in the daily morning pic at school.

30 days of love - Countdown to Valentine's day - Candies!

I love the concept of tacle boxes filled with candies. I've done it a few times. Here is what Dylan's Candy Bar has to offer for for Valentine's day.


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