Bad mom moment related to the awful weather!

oh my, the weather is bad! Ice storm. The last big one goes back to 1998.

Why do I feel so bad? After checking with the school bus service to see if they were operational, I brought the kids to the bus stop... it took the bus an extra 25 mins and a different driver to show up. By that time their father had come to pick them up, but the bus was behind us so I got the kids out of the car and into the bus!!! Shame on me! As I was being driven to the subway station, I decided to turn around and go back home. So I slept 'til noon (no kidding) and the kids are probably alone in class!!!

BTW, the sleeping 'til noon thing, not good. Since I was home I had planned on attending a bikram yoga class, well it began at noon!!! Oh well, tuff luck. Now I've got just over 2 hours 'til the kids come back, bet they'll be late by a good 30 mins!

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