Soooo sore and some more renting.

And this is not from exercising in any way, shape or form. Just get tickets on the floor of a rock concert. I went to see Slayer for the second time in a year. I had floor tix and since my friend Sam was going into the mosh pit, I decided to give it a go, hey, you only get to live once and with my bday around the corner, I'm not getting any younger. Sadly, I'm not getting any taller either. I managed to get myself pushed to the front of the moshpit. Basically, I was strended behind a 6 foot something guy. It was a blast. But I really hate guys trying to protect the little lady in front of them. If I'm in the front, it's because I can take care of myself.

Someone explain to me what the heck those gals are doing on the side of the fence looking soooooo bored with their boyfriends standing behind them to protect them. They shouldn't be standing by the fence if it's to be bored out of their minds. argh. Go stand in the back if you can't take the heat of the trashing. If you're bored the way you look, go see a chick flick.

As for Marilyn Manson, he sucks! His new cd is very so-so in my most honest opinion. In concert, it's only props. Their's a visual break between each song, so it's loooong. The bass player, whoever he is now 'cause I lose track, had his bass tuned sooooo low on one song that it made my eardrums shake badly enough for me to plug my ears. Then at one point they had police sirens going so freakin' load it was just unecessary.

Also, I lost 2 of my skulls on my skull bracelet so that got me a little upset :( and we don't get to keep our ticket stub since we're getting bracelets for floor access.

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