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I can't believe I gained weight since I started working at my current job. I know, I used to walk from the kids's school to work, a good 20 minute walk. I would also walk 2-3 times a day over lunch for 40-60 minutes. Now I only walk from the subway station and when I get home I sit on my ass and go to bed. It's very, very sad.

Only 4 days left of school for the kiddies and then I can start taking my bike to work.

I'm really liking the www.caloriescount.about.com food and exercise logs. It is a lot easier then a food journal and basically the same thing. It gives me the calories I ate and burned. I make bad food choices and still eat too many calories.

I've set a goal for next July, but for now, here's a small ticker of 20 pounds.
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