week-end update!

This week-end we pulled the kids out of daycamp early on Friday, they missed going to the puppet theatre. To make up for it, I took out all the puppets and they put on a puppet show for us. My dad came to pick us up to head over to his house for some camping. When we arrived, we went to pick some berries on the neighbour's field. We found this teeny tiny toad, it's the size of a berry! And the berries were small, you can see another one in Miss C's hand in the next picture.

Here's Mr. F sound asleep in the tent. It was soooo dark I couldn't see what I was shooting. Forgot to take day pics. My mattress (kingsize) was too big for the new tent (which I thought was a steal at $25, no kidding, it's sooo small) so we had to borrow Mrs. SB's mattress which sadly deflated on us by 2am. By then, the rain was pouring hard, and the water was seaping threw, so I woke the kids up and set them up on the porch where we spent the next 2 nights.

Here's Miss C walking Mrs. SB's new puppy dog (well, it's not a puppy, but it's a small dog). It's a real funny doggy! But poor dog is sick and has to take some medicine daily :(

Now here's a real big frog sitting on a rock!

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