Halloween website links

Haunt World: Find haunted houses in your area and much more! A must visit site before Halloween.

Haunted Houses is another huge Halloween site which includes, what else, haunted house information. Lots of links. Another awesome site.

Let's not forget about pumpkin carving! This site is full of basic information from choosing your pumpkin to photographing it.

I like to carve my pumpkins using a stencil, my favorite is Zombie Pumpkins. It is not a free stencil site, but for $5 you can choose 25 stencils. For $2 you get 2 stencils. After doing 2 or 3 pumpkins, I've usually had enough because it takes me a whole evening.

Here's a picture from a few years back of 3 pumpkins I did. A scary clown for Mr. Clown Man, Snow White and Malificient for the kiddies.

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Barbara a dit...

I'll have to share some of these sites with my ds. ...especially the carving ones. TFS.
Barb aka Lucia


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