Easy kool Halloween drinks

Want black Kool-Aid? Just use a pouch of orange and a pouch of grape Kool-Aid drink mix. Make according to instructions.

Want to have glow-in-the-dark ice cubes? Just freeze some tonic water! (don't forget the black light!)

Don't forget the hand in the punch bowl! Clean a surgical glove, yes, clean it first! Fill it with water (or tonic water to make it glow, under a black light)

Want to make (perfectly edible) glow-in-the-dark jello-o? Replace the water with tonic water (boil the tonic water for hot water and use cold tonic water in place of cold water). Make the Jell-o according to the packaging instructions, you may want to add some sugar since tonic water can be bitter.

You can use your black Kool-Aid to make a black gelly, just use gelatin. Making a solid (twice the normal amount of gelatin) gelatin, you will be able to cut out scary shapes using cookie cutters.

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