Tuesday night movie...

The Man went to see Bruno, me and the Monsters went to see Ice Age 3. Did I like it? In all honesty, I couldn't have cared less. The Real 3D was nice. It's nice to see depth in the movies, but to $3 more per person... I could go without.

I would have much preferred to see Harry Potter, next time.

Anywho, after the movie, we went to Chapters, got myself the new release in the Ghostgirl series. Wish I'd bought the Generation Dead 2nd release, Kiss of Life, since I had a coupon, but only good with a purchase of $35 or more in books, cr@p, I had $50 of stuff, but $20 of which was MAGAZINES!! ARGH!

Oh well.

Although it was now 8:30, we stopped by the park for the kids to go in the water games. Geez, the sun was setting, the wind was blowing, it was getting cold. AND, my darling Mr. Man didn't have the tiny camera, so no pics of the water fun. I'm a little miffed. Why oh why does he have the responsibility of the camera if he can't hold on to it at all times!!!

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