Summer vacation - 2nd week-end...

July 3rd... Mme S's bday, we went to the restaurant in Laval. It was good, but $$$. We went to Mme S's DD's house for dessert. The kids were having so much fun. Mr. Man was a pain the butt when he decided it was time to go... When he got out, he noticed a fire, I called 911 to inform them the park was on fire!!! Lovely. Gotta love bored teens. Come on, find them something to do, somewhere to go.

July 4th... Since I'd forgotten my bag at Mrs S's DD's house, we had to go back to Laval. We met my father and Mrs S for breakfast at a small resto near her house and then we we to the flea market in St-Eustache. Again, boring since cloudy and damp. Mr. Man bought cereal boxes for much cheaper then at the grocer. We drove on small streets, stopped at TRU, the Laval scrapbook store (came out empty handed!!!) Went back home.

July 5th, went to the movies. Me and the kiddies saw Transformers while Mr. Man saw Hangover. We stopped in Pointe Claire village at our favorite little shop (Le Panier). Didn't buy much but got our favorite salsa. The kids always want more and more. The candy selection isn't has good as it was in the past. ...

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