Today's whine is brought to you by the Letter W

W, as in why in the world is that wacked up woman walking to work.

Well, this vent doesn't include today. 'Cause today, the weather people called for rain all day. But no, it didn't rain when I was supposed to be walking. No, it rained before I got to the kids's school and it rained after I got to work. It didn't rain while I rode the subway with other sweaty people heading to work.

NO, this vent is about all the other days. The mornings when I have to watch my step for fear of tripping over the cracks in the sidewalk. Oh wait, it did happen. I fell flat on my face like an idiot. I'm talking about the mornings when you need to cross the street while no cars are coming, but wait, as you set foot on the asphalt a bike cuts you off going the wrong way on a red light. I'm talking about the construction crews wrecking the streets only to fix them and tear them back down again only six weeks later. That means you have to dodge, run and jump to avoid the truck that's going to hit you because the driver is busy talking on the phone. What about the crew lifting a staircase through a window. They haven't blocked off the sidewalk and this thing might fall just as you walk under. Oh, don't forget the window guys who changed the broken window in our office. They were breaking glass with not a care in the world as to who might be walking past on the sidewalk below. No, again, talking on the phone is more important then the safety of the innocent.

So again, I ask myself why I walk to work every morning?

Well, because walking at night by the canal is not much better. You got the scary teens walking in groups with their spray cans. Yes, I'm a chicken shit. You got the bladers, the bikers, they don't care about a poor person walking or running, they'll just run you over. What about the dog owner letting his dog loose? Will that dog be the one to bite your ass? or will you be the one walking in its crap 'cause its owner was too lazy to pick up the shit. Oh wait, at least he's not lazy enough to stay home with his dog.

I don't know why the heck I walk, maybe it's just to be able to plug in my iPod and get away from the crazyness of everyday life. I walk because even though I'm inhaling more pollution in that half hour then I would in a week on the subway, I get to see things I wouldn't otherwise see. I get to have some kind of exercise, not worth much, but it's better then nothing.

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