No running today...

I found out that when you start running, you should run 3x a week... oh well. I started running 3 days straight. I must say my thighs are feeling the work.

Last night I went to the Running Room to see if my shoes were good for my feet. Well, I was told my shoes are fine. They are a good beginners shoe. But the salesclerk made me walk barefoot and noticed the problem was with my walking. Now I know I will have to do extra stretches on my left ankle to prevent the pain.

I've also found I need a beginner's training schedule. That's how I found Cool Running. They have pretty good information. I will follow their recommendation on the walk/run.

Finally, to make my Nike/iPod sport kit work, I ordered a new iPod. I got me a new iPod Nano in ORANGE! Can't wait to get it!!!

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