Food allergies and accomodation...

Reading on someone else's blog about food allergies and lunches made me wanna post about us parents of kids who are lucky enough to not suffer from any known allergies. I say 'no known allergies' because allergies can spring up anytime.

Anyways. Today was my daughter's birthday. I love to bake cupcakes, can't really tell from my blog 'cause I just forget to take pictures of my cupcakes. So a birthday in my mind = cupcakes.

The little girl in my daughter's class always attends any party she is invited. That way, she is never excluded. I have known her since K, the girls are now in the 3rd grade.

Well, I am an accommodating and very understanding mom. I bought a vegan cupcake book recipe a few years back just because she was coming to Miss C's bday party that year.

Well, that first time, I realized that the challenge was bigger then I expected. I had used margarine... it had lactoserum... not good. This time, I called the mom to make sure all my ingredients were safe.

You know what, my kids seemed to like the vegan cupcakes better then the original, butter laced, full of eggs ones.

The vegan cupcakes were prettier to look at, all round at the top and the strawberry soy and strawberries made them extra yummy.

So you see, even a milk and egg-less cupcake can make someone's day!

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