Monster Princess and her daycamp experience...

So Monday went well, dropped her off without too much of a hitch. (makes me really wish I had the camera every day...)

Tuesday, repeat of the previous day. Things went fine except I tried to walk her to camp... a little on the heavy side.

Now comes Wednesday, she's been coughing for a few days, so we decided to leave her at home and should she be better, drop her off at lunch. HUGE mistake. I brought her to the gym at lunch time, she sat down with her lunchbox while I went to sign her in. I then heard a child crying, turn around, it's Miss C. She dropped her sandwich container (open) on the floor. I pick up the sandwich, the camp counselor says the floor's just been cleaned, we dust the sandwich, wash the carrots and sit her back down. Nope, she's still crying and just won't stop. So after 20 mins, back in the car.

Then comes Thursday, me to Princess "which outfit do you want to wear" Princess's reply "I don't wanna go to camp, I'll miss you too much..." so on and so forth... blah, blah, blah. I manage to bring her to camp, but she cries and cries and cries that she'll miss me and blah, blah, blah. So after 25 mins of this routine, I've had enough, back in the car I have to get to work. BUT daddy-dearest won't hear of the naughty little Princess's crying, so he drops her right back at the gym where the crying starts again, but daddy-dearest won't take her back, he's got the Prince to worry about.

Thursday evening, me to Princess "What kind of sandwich do you want for your lunch tomorrow"; Princess to me "I don't wanna go to camp tomorrow, I wanna stay with you" sigh.

So this morning, the kids are all happy to be in bed while I walked to work. At leas the week is coming to an end.

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