Soccer rantings...

So they finally found a new coach for Miss C's team, well she seems to be into it, they initiated a game against a team about the same age, which is awesome. They even assigned positions, their again awesome, BUT since their were only 7 kids on the play at once, that meant 10 kids were sitting out. So Miss C was sitting out and sitting out and sitting out. The two other girls each went out twice. Soooo 2 mins to 8 I decide I'm done talking with the other parents I need to take that kid out. Well the coach complains that she was about to put her in the game!!!!!!!

Ok, now my vent about Mr. F's team, why the heck do parents put their kids in a sports if they will never show up??? They had 11-12 kids in that team and I've yet to see more then 5. Last night, they had 3 kids!!! And they played a younger team with a very bad attitude, why the heck would you go chanting "we won with our fingers up our nose, they lost with their fingers up their butt", VERY RUDE! I told the kid to stop that, but obviously, parents don't give a cr@p.

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