Saturday July 21/07

So the day started off with me packing our stuff for a day on the road and a night away. Then mr C couldn't find our camera spare battery nor the charger, so I was to blame... but he found it. Then, I checked my bang balance, cr@p, I went over my limit, so I request an overdraft protection and get declined, apparently, I'm not "solvable", whatever that means when you own a house...

so we do a deposit to cover the bounced payment fee of $35. fun. Then off to W-M to get the new HP book, sadly, it's $27 + tx so I didn't buy it. Back home, I forgot my runners and Miss C didn't bring a hat like I had told her too. We leave to hit the road, the highway is backed up, soooo we taKe another bridge off the island. Take Victoria bridge, drive all the way to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu by the small roads to get to the , a corn maze built in a corn field. This was $, you even have to pay for the map which we should have done without. We missed half the entertainment 'cause we arrived at lunch, btw, food sucks. The entertainment we did see was however very good! Felix got to be a knight and fought the blight knight.

We were then headed to Caro's campground in Rouses Point at the Kings Bay Campground. We were on road 223, OMG, the wait was awful... it was not going forward at all. Soooo, we turned around, drove to road 225, but big, big line up again. Last cross border, 221. Much, much better. We waited for 30 minutes. Went to the campground, the kids had fun. Felix splashed in the water with Xavier
while Miss C only got her feet wet

We left at 6:30ish which was a little late to get to Colchester's Sunset Drive-In as we had planned. Still, we went to Plasttsburgh to eat at Honk Kong Jade buffet upon Nathalie's recommendation, it was very good!!!! Total, US$35 for 2 adults, 2 kids including crab legs, frogs legs... We really don't like buffets, but it was really surprisingly good for a buffet.

We decided to forgo the movie and go shopping, so off to look for a room to sleep... EVERYTHING EVERWHERE is booked solid... their are 3 big events in the area that week-end... the Clinton County Fair, the Iron Man and a reunion of airsomething or other. soooo we don't have a room (unless we took the one in the trashy motel on Route 9, smelly bad, no tv, only a light bulb, gross for $60 no dealing...). BAck to Caro's to announce we won't be there the next day, we're hitting the road back to Montreal. So no shopping, no going to the drive-in, no motel, no cheap groceries, no kids playing with Caro's kids. sigh. We got home at 11:30, beat.

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