Sunday July 22, 07

I finally got around to cracking HP open. BUT I'm not doing a reading marathon like I did for all first 6 books. Soooooo I took a shower, fed the kids, got dressed and we went on a Plateau shopping spree. Boy, we emptied Mr. C's wallet!!!

We got some cupcakes from Petits Gateaux, sadly, my pictures are way too white to upload, but for once, a local bakery (I haven't tried Cocoa Locale yet) has decent cupcakes.

I found a belt to use with my cupcake belt buckle! How cute is that buckle!!!

We wanted to stop at Schwartz, but boy the lineup was way tooooo long. The kids were a teeny bit upset, they love the thin sausages.

I got a new skull t-shirt by Clic Klak (it's the same mode as the one with the skull, but it's small skulls on the side, so somewhat descreet enough to wear on a Friday at the office...) I got it at Cruella. Love that store, although it would nicer to fit in their clothes... ***reminder to self, lose weight***

We did make a stop at Chez Farfelu, and miracle, we didn't buy anything!!!

we were all exhausted by the time we got home.

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